Salaam Assurance

Assurance an independent  audit on IT  governance, access  to programs and  data, computer  operations and  interfaces. We provide assurance before you carry out any major systems changes or immediately thereafter or even through an annual compliance cycle   As organizations adopt complex IT systems, there is a greater reliance on these systems to process accurate […]

Salaam Awareness

Awareness We provide training and awareness on various emerging areas on IT such as Cybersecurity, Anti Money Laundering. We have partnered with the leading providers of this platform such as KnowBe4 among others   One of the biggest risks to an organization’s information security is often not a weakness in the technology control environment. Rather […]

Salaam Cybersecurity Testing

We test your security posture through vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We simulate the actions of a malicious intruder to your systems to ensure that all loopholes are sealed.     The information security service is critical to all enterprises and involves managing and monitoring end-to-end enterprise security and related threats. We offer services such […]

Salaam Managed Services

Given our expertise in inspecting various security products, talk to us if you need any product of service relating to cybersecurity be it firewalls, antimalware products, encryption certificates or anything in between. Our Managed cybersecurity offering will ensure that we partner together to achieve a cyber resilient organization.   Cybersecurity is a top risk for […]

Salaam 24/7

We are in a position to provide 24/7 continuous monitoring your network for fraud and cyber attacks. With our expertise in incident response, we are sure to provide the best in class service as we hunt the malicious actors detect attacks and respond to them before they escalate.   This can either be internal attackers […]

Salaam Trends

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