ICT Audit

To safeguard your investment in ICT, you need an audit to identify any weaknesses on your systems. Our independent, fact finding assurance review as opposed to fault finding, ensures that you get confidence how your governance of your ICT is fit for purposes, weaknesses in system and application controls, network security, database security, integration with third parties. We also evaluate your ability to recover in case of a disaster as well as keeping third party vendors more accountable.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT)

With increasing cybersecurity challenges, you want to identify the weakness in your systems, from the network layer, your internal systems and systems you integrate with third parties. You want to identify how a malicious intruder can attack you externally and internally. With our VAPT service you are in a position to identify these weaknesses. In any case you want to simulate this before an attack happens. In the information age we live in, it is a question of when and not if an attack will happen

Cybersecurity awareness

You need to build capacity in your employees and you clients, so that they can identify weaknesses in your system. It is estimated that 91% of external attacks are through manipulation of employees negligence through social engineering. One of the most significant investments one can make is on the human firewall, employees who are well informed on cyber threats to protect your institution. We can carry out this through a classroom set up or through the new age training, where we simulate phishing emails to users and then carry out training online which is appropriate with their job role. We use a leading platform known as KnowBe4.

Digital forensics

In the age of cybercrime, you want a partner that can be at your beck and call to respond quickly and efficiently to suspected fraud, misconduct or violation of organization policies. At Salaam, we would work closely with you to secure the evidence, evaluate impact of the fraud including, the financial loss, the people involved, and amount that can be recovered. Through inquiries and examinations, including the use of data analytics techniques, our professionals provide an independent and impartial means to establish truths, evaluate implications, identify appropriate remedial actions, submit statements if necessary and communicate with outside stakeholders.

ISO Certification

We assist your certification for information security management which is ISO 27001. As the demands for security continue to grow, you can be assured that your systems are not vulnerable and you are able to protect the privacy of your data. With ISO certification, we are in a position to assess the level of maturity of your processes and system to protect your critical information assets.

ICT Consulting

We provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help deliver on IT projects. Our ICT consultancy ensures technology not only meets the requirements of its users but that it is implemented and managed to realise the promised and desired benefits.

Given our expertise in inspecting various security products, talk to us if you need any product or service relating to cybersecurity be it firewalls, antimalware products, encryption certificates or anything in between. Our Managed cybersecurity offering will ensure that we partner together to achieve a cyber resilient organization.

ICT Project Assurance

We provide project assurance ,quality assurance, business assurance, data migration assurance, user assurance and technical assurance in small, medium, large and complex projects to ensure risks are continuously being identified, analysed, prioritized and mitigated to ensure the project succeeds in all aspects including, cost, time, quality and performance.

Data analytics

We have the expertise in analyzing complex data to aid in decision making. We use daily, weekly and monthly analytical monitoring to determine patterns so that you can tell us what you are doing well, determining how we can do it better and recognizing problems before they can result in material damage.

We can start our analytics with simple tests such as identifying duplicate payments in accounts or evaluating sales patterns to determine the best location for your next branch. We can also go as afar as identifying statistical outliers for potential falsified activity.

Emerging technologies

Big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, cryptocurrency are the buzzwords that are being bandied around in the technology sector. While you know some of these technologies can be of value to you, you might know know which pathway you can use to explore the same. With a partner at Salaam, we can walk this journey with you, starting digital literacy among your top leaders.

Cybersecurity maturity assessment

While organizations can’t avoid every disruption that comes along, those with true cyber resilience are better prepared to detect and identify incidents, deflect, minimize or eliminate threats, and endure unavoidable attacks successfully. With a risk assessment on cybersecurity it will help us provide risk-based approach to measuring and managing security risks in the context of your business mission and strategy.

  • A cybersecurity risk assessment framework to simplify security gap analysis.
  • Prioritizes a customized roadmap of improvements based on our organization’s unique cybersecurity risks.
  • Provides an evidence-based approach for assessing, optimizing and reporting on cyber capabilities.
  • Helps us implement leading frameworks, stay ahead of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats most relevant to your business, and build board confidence in our cyber programs.

Data Privacy Assessment

There has been widespread data theft of personal information across the world. At Salaam, we not only look at compliance with various laws and regulations but also identify and reduce the data protection risks within projects, networks and systems, reduce the likelihood of privacy harms to data subjects, and to determine the levels to which all of the applicable regulations have been implemented by the organization.