1 Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya (WDM-K) twitter account hacked 10th September Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya (WDM-K) claimed that its official Twitter account might have been hacked following a tweet suggesting that Jackson Ngechu Makini, aka CMB Prezzo had been unveiled as the party’s candidate in the upcoming Kibra by-election.

2 Gospel celebrity and artist Dj Mo’s daughter Instagram account hacked 9th September 2019 DJ Mo and Size 8 lost access to their daughter’s Instagram page last week. Ladasha’s page had more than 300,000 subscribers.
3 Biashara Sacco data systems hacked 11th August 2019  Biashara Sacco’s third party’s system provider for short message service systems was intruded and prompted to send to 2000 members, out of 120,000, a malicious message–police-looking-into-Biashara-Sacco-data-systems-hack/4003102-5234402-8xhfkmz/index.html



4 HELB Spam Email 3 Aug 2019 A number of users received emails that purported to have come from HELB urging them to


5 Safaricom Twitter page hack 3rd July 2019 On 3rd Wednesday July, another disaster struck the region’s biggest telecom, this time it was on their Twitter page. Users realized unusual responses from the official account which at first was attacking government officials in the wake of the new CEO search following the death of Bob Collymore.
6 NYS and IFMIS among hacked government websites 3rd June 2019 Government websites hacked by Indonesia Hacker Group, Kurd Electronic Team
7 Family Bank Limited network systems hacked 1st November 2018 – 20th January 2019 A hacker by the name Jeff Mzee, unlawfully remotely gained access to Family Bank Limited networks systems thereby infringing their information security measures with an intention to steal from the bank.